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  • Platypus socks

    WilsonPayne Platypus Socks – Australian Made

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  • Fabric kitchen apron, dark navy with Aussie Animal print on it

    Annabel Trends Aussie Animals Apron

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  • Insulated double oven mitts with an Aussie Animals pattern on the fabric and a dark navy edging..

    Annabel Trends Aussie Animal Double Oven Mitts

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  • Insulated pot holder with an Aussie Animals pattern on the fabric and a dark navy edging with a hang tab.

    Annabel Trends Aussie Animals Pot Holder

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  • A fabric drawer sachet filled with lavender with an Aussie Animals pattern.

    Annabel Trends Aussie Animal Drawer Sachet

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  • Small water resistant cosmetic bag with an Aussie Animals pattern on it and a zip closure.

    Annabel Trends Aussie Animals Small Cosmetic Bag

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  • A folded up fabric travel laundry bag with an Aussie Animal pattern on it. It is wrapped in a paper label.

    Annabel Trends – Laundry Bag – Aussie Animals

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  • Wooden map of Australia which presents on it 6 wine glass charms of six different animals. One is attached to the map in each state.

    Buttonworks Australian Animal Wine Charms

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  • Set of six wooden square coasters and their recycled cardboard presentation box. Each coaster is a different animal. They are Emu, Koala, Wombat, Platypus, Kangaroo and Possum

    Buttonworks Australian Animal Coasters – Square

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